Here’s Why Your Local Plumber Should Be Insured


Plumbers need to have insurance. Their insurance needs to be specific to the type of work they do, and purchased through a reputable company. Typically a plumber will need a combination of general liability insurance, property insurance, and workers compensation insurance.

They may also need other types of insurance to be sure everything is covered. If your plumber doesn’t have insurance and something happens you could end up having to pay for the mess.

It’s Required

Most states actually require that plumbers have a minimum amount of liability insurance in the case they are sued, or there are damages to the property.

If you have a project that is more expensive than the minimum insurance required by the state, you might want to ask your plumber to take out additional insurance while working on your issue. Otherwise, too little insurance is almost as bad as no insurance.
Understand What Has to be Done

One way to determine the right kind of insurance is to look at the job you want the plumber to do. What is required of them to do it. If you ask them to write out a specific estimate, also ask them to explain the process.

Will they have to tear up a wall, or a floor? Who will fix the wall or floor after the plumbing is fixed? Try to understand all aspects of the job so that you know what you’re getting into.
What About Large Jobs?

In some cases with a really large project the plumber will need to get what is called an umbrella policy to cover over the minimum required by law. They might also need to purchase something called bond insurance.

The blond is a specific amount of money held in escrow and controlled by a 3rd party to ensure that the plumber and the client meets their contractual agreements. This is a good idea with especially large and expensive jobs. It protects you from being taken advantage of and it protects the plumber for not getting paid.
Stuff Happens

So many things can go wrong during a job, no matter how experienced your plumber is.

Things break, people get hurt. And most of the time these incidents are unavoidable. We won’t even discuss the possibility of actual negligence. With so many things that can go wrong, it is imperative for you to ensure that your plumber has the right type and amount of insurance.
Never assume you are immune from problems. Even if you hire a plumber who is a relative it’s important to ensure compliance with the laws of your state as well as ensure that the plumber has enough insurance to cover anything that might go wrong. It will give you peace of mind. Frankly, it also demonstrates professionalism of the plumber to have adequate insurance coverage.

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